Filterability of Fuel

D-2 Incorporated has introduced a revolutionary new technology. The ASTM D8073-16 Listed WSI short for Water Separation Instrument, is designed to provide the Oil & Gas Industry an accurate determination of Water Separability. The WSI provides a far easier and less expensive to run test method that also is far more accurate and reliable. By reducing the cost of disposables, providing quicker run times, automated sample preparation, and no false negatives this device is anticipated to save large sums of money in operating costs. The WSI was developed in partnership with Stanhope-Seta.

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SDA & JP8 Additive Inject

D-2 Inc. provides fully automated SDA, FSII, CI Injections systems for the Fuel Industry. The D-2 Inc. system is unique because it is built with the only ASTM Listed direct in the product line measurement of conductivity. Our systems are world renown for their precision, reliability and post installation service. We have more working and precise SDA systems with real time conductivity control than any other company in the world. If you require a mixture of all three to upgrade an Jet-A facility to provide JP-8 equivalent fuel, we have 3 in 1 additive systems that can accomplish this. Please contact us for more information.

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Liquid Chemical Conductiv

D-2 Inc is pleased to provide the best In Line and Handheld conductivity meters in the world. The JF-1A In Line Sensors, and our handheld technology all have the highest precision in the ASTM D2624 Test Method. We can provide accurate real time automated measurement of a pipeline, or you can use our handheld to measure in any sample container you choose. Our Patented AC Measurement technology allows wider use, including in the flowing product. AC Conductivity values are unaffected by the electronic voltages in the fuel samples.

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