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  • ASTM D02 Continues steady progress on Specification Listing of D8073-16/IP624 Method, Water Separation Instrument, (WSI).

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    ASTM D02 Continues steady progress on Specification Listing of D8073-16/IP624 Method, Water Separation Instrument, (WSI).

    The ASTM D02 Sub Committee J1 recently approved a ballot to list ASTM D8073/IP624 in D1655.  D8073/IP624 is a new method for “Determination of Water Separation Characteristics of Aviation Turbine Fuel by Small Scale Water Separation Instrument”.   This J1 ballot is now out for voting at the D2 level.  The pending ballot result will be discussed at the next ASTM Meeting in Atlanta in early December.  We will also be having a Working Group meeting during the ASTM session, contact  Madalina Mohtadi <> our working group chair for complete meeting details.  We also appreciated ASTM member support at these critical progress meetings!

    The WSI Instrument is a new technology for determining the presence of surfactants and contaminates that are likely to cause a failure in critical water separation filters.  The WSI (D8073/IP624) utilizes 5th Edition Filter material to better predict field filter performance.  The new fully automated measure has higher precision than existing manual methods.  The fully automated measurement greatly reduces operator interaction with the determination, resulting in significant time saving in addition to its improved results.

    The D8073/IP624 method is also under review for incorporation in commercial Jet Fuel Specifications by the Canadian Government Safety Board, (CGSB) and other industry regulatory groups.  The US DOD is also in evaluation of the instrument for incorporation into the Military Fuel Specifications, such as JP8.  We will keep you posted here as progress/completion are made. Please contact if you are interested in a demonstration or loaner instrument for your laboratory to gain experience with this critical new method.

    Please see the information on the WSI here:

    WSI Demosntration Video:

    WSI Product Page:

    The ASTM Method can be reviewed here:

    Thank you so much for reading our article, please check back regularly to our news blog here on, so we can keep you updated on all the current D-2 Incorporated news.

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