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  • ASTM D02 June 2017 Boston

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    ASTM D02 June 2017 Boston

    ASTM D02 June 2017 Boston

    D-2 Incorporated is attending the ASTM D02 Meetings in Boston MA. During the meeting we discussed various topics with the Industry Leaders in the Oil and Gas Industry.

    The ASTM working group #WK57443 Water Separation Characteristics has prepared a Statement of Work (SOW) for an industry test to be conducted under the auspices of the CRC to perform a water filter test stand comparison to the WSI ASTM Method D8073-16.  The goal of this test is assist ASTM subcommittee D02:J1 to determine a specification limit for the adoption of D8073-16 into the Jet Fuel Specification D1655.  It is expected this test to be run in the fall of 2017 and the data presented at ASTM at the December meeting.

    Concurrently we have the WSI being tested at Canadian testing labs including Innotech Alberta, AITF in Edmonton and at SGS in Montreal under the auspices of the Canadian Government Safety Board, (CGSB).  We anticipate the CGSB will look to adopt the use of D8073-16 in the Canadian Jet Fuel specification, if the data collection and report are completed in time for their fall meeting in November of 2017.

    Another field test of the WSI is being conducted under the auspices of Tesoro Refining.  The WSI is being run alongside the standard water separation equipment in a direct comparison.  Data collected will be evaluated by Tesoro internally. We anticipate a full published report will be available in fall 2017.

    The US Navy Pax River Fuels laboratory has also started testing of a WSI.  This data will be used by the US Navy to understand how the WSI can assist the Navy in fulfilling its critical fuel supply mission to the fleet.  Data from this internal trial may become available at a later time.

    D-2 continued to make strides within ASTM working group WK#60001 in the adoption of the OEM Conductivity Sensor in ASTM D2624.

    D-2 also made progress with WK#60000 group established to evaluate the new JF-WA1-P capable of fuel particulate measure as an alternate method to ASTM D5254 Gravimetric methods.  We expect to run an ILS in late August 2017 and prepare a ballot for the fall semester to establish an ASTM method for this new instrument.

    Finally, at the Particle Counting Workshop, D-2 presented a talk on the JF-WA1-P and its current development status and upcoming qualification trials.

    If you are interested in the WSI Technology, we can set up a demonstration of the WSI at your facility for no cost. Also please see the product page here:

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