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  • D-2 Inc. 100% Operational During Corona Virus / Covid 19 Pandemic

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    D-2 Inc. 100% Operational During Corona Virus / Covid 19 Pandemic

    D-2 Incorporated has remained 100% operational during the current pandemic. As ordered by the Under Secretary of Defense as a critical part of the defense industrial base we maintained 100% operational capacity. We have instituted the Massachusetts mandates and have not had 1 single sick day due to Corona Virus. We were able to update our facility, and maintain a healthy work staff during this entire pandemic thus far.

    Thanks to our spectacular customers we have been able to maintain 100% of our staff, including staff added in the past year. Our company has doubled in terms of staff recently, and despite the shutdown, we have been able to maintain our new larger size. Most businesses have had to reduce personnel, however we have not and we are very proud of that fact.

    During this shutdown D-2 Inc. has continued to grow into new markets and bring forth new technology. Unhindered by the shutdown constraining most companies and slowing innovation, we used the downtime to increase innovation and wrap up development of equipment such as our new line of Oceanographic Sensors. We continue to be an American High Tech Manufacturing Company that is on the cutting edge of developing new technology for the markets we proudly serve.

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