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  • D-2 Inc. Attends the Fuel Contamination Meeting in Dayton OH

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    D-2 Inc. Attends the Fuel Contamination Meeting in Dayton OH

    D-2 Incorporated attended the Fuel Contamination Task Force in Dayton Ohio, sponsored by American Airlines, for a discussion of fuel contamination issues that could lead to a root cause of ‘TIE’ Throttle Instability Events recently experienced in industry. The goal was to have an open discussion among industry experts combined with focus presentations to help develop diagnostic strategies to find the root cause of these events.

    In the discussions the importance of keeping aviation fuel supply’s clean and dry throughout by careful housekeeping of facilities was a recurring theme. Conversations as to how the ASTM D8073 Water Separation Instrument WSI and the JF-1A In Line Conductivity Sensor could form essential elements in maintaining high fuel quality by monitoring fuel through the distribution system were discussed. The conductivity sensor strategically located in the distribution system could give early indication of a TIE fuel contamination event and help lead investigators closer to a root cause. The WSI D8073 using its better precision that existing methods will help to more rapidly detect fuel entrained surfactants and give more rapid indication of fuel impacts on water separation elements.

    D-2 Inc. will continue to support the work of fuel contamination task force as they continue to identify the root cause of the issue. We have already identified several instrument opportunities that can not only help this task force, but, also improve fuel terminal facility performance through improved real time “in-line” monitoring of fuel, we will look to develop these over the coming year, so stay tuned!

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