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  • D-2 Inc. Buys New Larger Facility

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    D-2 Inc. Buys New Larger Facility

    D-2 Incorporated has acquired a new 13,500 sqft (1250 m^3) manufacturing facility. The larger building will assist D-2 in its continuing growth as a leader in innovative fuel testing equipment. The new 5X larger facility will help improve product production, and also will have a brand new state of the art fuel testing laboratory. D-2 has gained town planning board approval in early August for the fuel testing laboratory on the premises. Sale was closed in Early September. The new facility at 6 Otis Park Drive, Bourne, MA 02532 is ~ 4 miles from our existing location. The company looks to be fully moved and operational in the new building starting the 1st of October.

    Please send all Packages to D-2 Incorporated, 6 Otis Park Drive, Bourne MA, 02352.

    The History of the Facility…

    The 13, 500 square foot facility was originally built by Robert Ballard, famous for finding the remnants of the Titanic, the Bismarck, and the USS Yorktown. Ballard started an oceanographic company in the building.

    D-2 Incorporated is now entering into the oceanographic sensor industry once again. With a brand new CTD technology designed for the UUV / AUV market. Oceanography has been waiting for a brand new way to measure deep ocean water conductivity, and it has arrived. With the new larger building we will be continuing on as the leader for conductivity and free water measurement of oil and gas, while now expanding into the Oceanographic market with our brand new patented CTD technology that will change the face of the oceanographic market.

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