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  • East Africa Moving towards “Clean Fuels” in 2015

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    East Africa Moving towards “Clean Fuels” in 2015


    In a move that has been discussed for years, five East African Countries are slated to start importing Clean Fuels in 2015. An increase in clean fuels production in the Middle East and India, such as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), has spurred East Africa to go ahead and adopt the European IV Standards starting in January 2015.

    ULSD is a clean burning version of Diesel because the sulphur content has been removed. A side effect of removing the sulphur is the conductivity values drop to almost 0 pS/m. To ensure you meet the D975 specification for ULSD, a facility must measure the conductivity of their ULSD and JET A to ensure it meets specification to avoid electrostatic incidents.

    Please see our SDA Injection systems for more information on solutions for clean fuel being brought into a new system. We can eliminate any conductivity problems associated with the switch to clean fuels.

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