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  • JF-1A-RC RampCheck Brochure

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    JF-1A-RC RampCheck Brochure

    D-2 Inc. is very pleased to announce we now have the JF-1A-RC brochure available for review. You may now also inquire with us about pricing and delivery for this product.

    The Jet Fuel industry’s first ever 5 in 1 handheld testing device, the first “Iphone” of the oil industry. Combines multiple tests into a singular handheld touch screen device, all 5 test for the price of a single test.

    The Ramp Check tests for light hydrocarbon fuels: conductivity, density, free water, color, and temperature.

    The RampCheck will save any facility that is involved with fuel handling operations thousands of dollars up front, by combining 5 different required tests into one device for the same price, but also by reducing the long term maintenance cost also.

    Please contact us for pricing and delivery on this brand new product:

    450-001-R6 – RampCheck Brochure

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