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  • New Ramp Check Development

    JF-1A-RC Rampcheck Handheld Density, Color, Conductivity, Free Water Sensor
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    New Ramp Check Development

    Ramp Check PS

    January 1, 2014: D-2 Inc. is pleased to announce a new instrument under development that will provide an innovative solution for the Aviation Industry to help it meet ASTM D1655 and D7566 standards. The Ramp-Check device, is a small handheld unit that will provide real time data for Aviation Fuel Density, Color, Conductivity, Free Water, Temperature. Equivalent to ASTM D2624 / IP 74, D7777 / IP 599, ASTM D156, ASTM D3240 & Temp. Combining all these tests into one device for the first time.

    Ramp-Check Brochure SG

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