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JF-WA1 & JF-WA1-N & JF-WA1-AF Hydro-Light Free Water Detector D3240

D-2 Inc. is pleased to introduce the Hydro-Light JF-WA1 Water Pad Tester. This device revolutionizes testing free water in aviation fuel. The Hydro-Light provides results efficiently with an easy one step measurement process. Just put the pad in the slide, put the slide in the machine and read the digital display, which displays the free water content of the fuel up to 50 PPM. This box is used to run ASTM Test Method D-3240. The Hydro-Light greatly improves the accuracy and reliability of the ASTM D3240 test method.

The JF-WA1 comes in three versions. The commercial version available to the public is the JF-WA1, the version set up for the US Navy, with a NSN 6640-01-642-9285 is the JF-WA1-N; and the third version is set up for the US Air Force NSN 6640-01-680-6773 and is the JF-WA1-AF.

480-001R5 – Hydro-Light Brochure

A480-000R8-JF-WA1 Hydro-Light DATA SHEET

Hydro-Light Easy to Use Guide

Hydro-Light Accessories

ASTM D3240 Listing

JF-WA1-TP Test Pads for The Hydro-Light JF-WA1 & JF-WA1-N

JF-WA1, JF-WA1-N, JF-WA1-AF Operation Manual

JF-WA1 Hydro-Light & JF-WA1-N NSN:6640-01-642-9285 & JF-WA1-AF NSN 6640-01-680-6773

Free Water Measurement of Aviation Turbine Kerosene

Free Water in Jet fuel is a major problem throughout the industry. Ensuring this free water does not get by your filters and into the aircraft is essential to all airport operations. D-2 Incorporated has developed a new free water detector, the JF-WA1 Hydro-Light that has greatly improved the user interface, repeatability, reproducibility of testing results for undissolved aka free water in fuel.

The JF-WA1 Hydro-Light is a new undissolved water (free water) detector. This device is now listed in ASTM D3240 and has improved the accuracy and repeatability of the method dramatically. The Hydro-Light’s main advantage is the ease of use. The features that the Hydro-Light offers exclusively include: Digital Readout, 0-50 ppm range, free calibration verification shuttle, USB Data Output. The Hydro-Light has available accessories including a carrying case, and a portable battery for field use. The JF-WA1 Hydro-Light uses the standard 25mm pads in the ASTM D3240 method.

The JF-WA1-P Particle Counting Upgrade:

The JF-WA1-P is the JF-WA1 and JF-WA1-N / JF-WA1-AF but with a new massive upgrade. This unit now can also measure particle counting. This means the device can detect both water and dirt in jet fuel.

Video about this major new upgrade: “How to Detect Dirt & Water in Jet fuel”:

This next video is an instructional video on how to use the JF-WA1-P to determine particulate in jet fuel:

The latest video we have produced regarding this new JF-WA1-P upgrade is the following video titled: “How to Determine Fuel Particulate Contamination by Light Transmission Method”:



JF-WA1 Hydro-Light Demo Video

JF-WA1 Precision


ASTM independent ILS testing shows the JF-WA1 is far more accurate than any other device in the ASTM D3240 test method. Graph below is from the ASTM Research Report for the JF-WA1.

JF-WA1 Portability


Utilizing the various improved ergonomic design of the JF-WA1 we have made the device completely field usable with the correct accessories.

The JF-WA1 can use the portable lithium battery the JF-WA1-BAT as a power source, which allows the end user to power the device for over 24 hours anywhere in the world. Each test only takes 5 seconds, so unlike your cellphone this battery will last for a long time without charging.

The JF-WA1 also is far easier to use in the field due to it’s automated reading, digital output, and field calibration verification shuttle.

See all the accessories here: Hydro-Light Accessories

Field Calibration Check


JF-WA1-H&L Shuttle: Two sided standard shuttle, with fixed standards and allowable standard deviations printed on. Makes field verification possible.

Using our JF-WA1-H&L Shuttle, you can verify the calibration of the JF-WA1 in the field with the JF-1A-H&L Shuttle. The JF-WA1 connects via USB into a PC to walk the user through the calibration procedure. This shuttle comes standard with every device.

Images of the Hydro-Light: Coming Soon


  • No User Training Required
  • Simplicity, just put the pad in the slide, put the slide in the box and read the number, no manually adjusting the reading
  • Extremely durable, easy to use design is suited to small lab environments or field use.
  • Increased Accuracy, +/- 0.5 PPM Accuracy
  • Digital Readout in PPM within 3 seconds
  • Can be powered through USB Port, allowing use of portable USB batteries for use in field
  • Uses an LED Light, which eliminates the need for replacements
  • No Battery replacements, one power source for entire device
  • No User Calibration Required
  • The Hydro-Light also comes with a high and low standard verification shuttle, allows field verification of calibration within ten seconds.
  • Highest Precision for any instrument listed in ASTM Test Method D3240.
  • Worldwide Support from an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Precision Industrial Sensor Manufacturer, specializing in Fuel Measurement.


ASTM D3240

ASTM D7566, ASTM D1655

NSN 6640-01-642-9285

NSN 6640-01-680-6773


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