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OCT Ocean Inductive Conductivity and Temperature Sensor

D-2 New OCEAN-CT Sensor:

D-2 Inc. is pleased to introduce to the Oceanographic Market a new conductivity, temperature sensor for shallow depth applications. Our new cost effective inductive conductivity sensor is perfect for shallow depth applications.

  • A Glass Lined High Stability Inductive
  • Sensor, with High Sensitivity (large cross sectional area and short length) compared to other commercial sensors.
  • The sensor characteristics allow for free flushing and can be protected by anti-biological coatings as needed for longer deployments, can be brush cleaned on recovery with the need for re-calibration.

Full Product Brochure: Ocean CT Brochure


Product Features

Features of the Ocean CT Sensor:

1. Fully self-contained digital data sensor.

2. Glass Lined High Sensitivity Inductive (Non- Contact Conductivity Sensor, Easy to Clean

3. Platinum Precision Thermometer 4. 1 Hz sampling is continuous.

5. Reports, Conductivity (S/cm), Temperature IPT-90, Salinity IPS-68 (Adjustable Depth Setting), in ASCI Data Strings

6. CMOS, RS-485, or RS-232 Data Interface Options.

7. 100 M Depth Operation

8. Calibrated In our ISO-17025 Certified Laboratory

9. D-2 is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer

10. Seacon HUMK5BCR Series Connector


1. 3 m long waterproof mating cable

2. Consult Factory for Extended Length Cables

3. Fouling Coatings

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Product Specifications

D2 Ocean CT Specifications:

Conductivity Range: 0 to 60 mS/cm

▪ Accuracy: 0.02 mS/cm ▪ Resolution: .005 mS/cm ▪ Sampling Rate: 2 Hz

Temperature Range: -5 to 40 Deg C

▪ Accuracy: 0.02 Deg C

▪ Resolution: .005 Deg C

▪ Sampling Rate: 2 Hz

Sensor Performance


▪ Stability .003 S/m per Month
▪ Resolution 20 Bits
▪ Sampling Speed Standard 1 Samples/Second
▪ Sampling Speed Optional 20 Samples/Second
▪ Response Conductivity 0.050 seconds
▪ Response Temperature 0.15 seconds
▪ Supply 5 – 16 VDC
▪ Power 80 mW @ 5VDC Input
▪ Baud Rate: 19.2K Baud
▪ Data Format ASCII Units S/M
▪ Data Filter Medium Filter User Defined Sample Space

▪ Connector SEACON HUMK Series 5 PIN
▪ User Set Depth in dB for Salinity Calculation
▪ Send Continuous on Power Toggle


Brochure: Ocean CT Brochure

Brochure: Ocean CT Brochure


Brochure: Ocean CT Brochure


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