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  • SAE Fuel Filter Test Procedures Solution: The TFS Sensor

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    SAE Fuel Filter Test Procedures Solution: The TFS Sensor

    The New Test Fluid Sensor TFS

    The D-2 Inc. Test Fluid Sensor (TFS) primarily measures Conductivity using our patented AC Measurement technology and also offers an auxiliary measurement of Temperature. The flow through sensor provides precision measurement of fluid conductivity. The sensor offers customer specified ranges from 0 pS/M up to a full scale of 50,000 pS/cm. The typical range is 0 – 10,000 pS/cm as required under SAE  J1696_201704; this standard defines the requirements for fluid to be used in the SAE Fuel Filter Test Procedures.

    The TFS is provided in a IP67 case with internal screw terminal connections which provide two 4-20 mA loop output signals.  One loop is proportional to Conductivity, and the second is proportional to Temperature.   The sensor power requirement is 7 – 30 VDC to 100 mW. Liquid connections are via industry standard Swagelok ¼” compression tube connectors.

    See the Full Brochure Here: Test Fluid Sensor Brochure


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