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Water Separation Instrument (WSI) Now Included in Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB)

We are pleased to announce another important milestone for the WSI. The CGSB have confirmed the inclusion of ASTM D8073 (IP624) in Table 1 (mandatory) of the Canadian Jet fuel specification, CGSB 3.23-2019.

WSI saves users time, money and gives the most reliable results.

  • Fully automated test – minimal operator knowledge required
  • Consistent sample handling – ensures repeatability and reproducibility
  • Rapid test – no warm up time and automated cleaning 
  • Cost saving – low cost consumables 
  • In field calibration – reduces instrument down time

If you have any questions or need further information on water separation and the WSI, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can review the WSI Product Page Here:

The WSI Runs Using a Small One Time Use Filter, Lowering Operation Costs:

WSI Videos:

UnBoxing / Setting Up the WSI:

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Verification Procedure:

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