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D-2 Inc. CTD Sea Trials on the WHOI R/V Neil Armstrong

The D-2 Inc. CTD is currently undergoing Sea Trials on the WHOI Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. So far the data and the trials have been going extremely well, and the data is correlating perfectly. The D-2 Inc. CTD is working at depth in the Ocean, which is the ultimate test for any new technology, to work with precision in the field. Not only is our equipment working, but it is now the best equipment and technology in the market.

The CTD itself is very compact and can be added to almost any system, as shown below it is just strapped to a rosette. The D-2 CTD uses a new hybrid conductivity sensor technology that allows us to not require a pump to flush the conductivity cell, it is free flushing. Which makes it easier to mount our CTD in unique ways such as below on this rosette strapped vertically.

The D-2 CTD for reference by itself looks like this:

So as you can see from the below photo, the above CTD is mounted vertically on this Rosette:

The above sea trials are currently still under way. Once they are completed we will share the data set with everyone in a post on this website, so stay tuned for more information. However it can be said the data looks really good, and these CTD’s are now 100% ready for market wide adoption.

We have been shipping these units for various commercial and military projects. Last month we delivered 8 CTD Units to the United States Navy and the Office of Naval Research.

If you are looking for more information on the D-2 Inc. CTD or the shallow water OCT version, please let me know. We have CTD’s that have the precision and the housing’s to reach and measure the deepest ocean depths on the planet, 10,500M or more. Our Hybrid CTD is truly a Revolution.

D-2 CTD On Display at Oceanology International 2020

D-2 Inc. will be unveiling it’s brand new CTD Conductivity, Temperature and Depth Sensor at this year’s Oceanography International 2020 show in London England March 17th – 19th. D-2 Incorporated has been working with the Office of Naval Research ONR to develop a new range of CTD products. WHOI Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is running ongoing field testing for the Oceanographic Market. As a result of this, we have a brand new patented Conductivity Temperature and Depth sensor for full ocean precision measurement.

This new CTD Technology will be proudly on display for the first time ever in person at the Oceanography International Show 2020. Please feel free to stop by our Booth at stand B400.

Stop by B400 D-2 Inc.’s Booth

The D-2 Inc. CTD is the first new CTD measurement technology to be introduced to the Oceanographic Industry in over 30 years. Specifically designed for increased precision, ease of use, low power and smaller size. This device is perfect for UUV / AUV applications and has been in ongoing testing in the Arctic Environment by WHOI for over a year, and those tests are continuing.

CTD Back from Ocean Testing with WHOI

The CTD comes in multiple configurations, including inside titanium housing for full ocean depth measurement. The precision is world class at .001 mS/cm precision and resolution.

The new CTD technology allows for free flushing of the sensor electrode, no longer is a pump required to flush the sensor. This saves on power and size, making the D-2 Inc. CTD better suited for AUV / UUV vehicles and the Arctic Environment it is designed for.

New Patented Hybrid CTD Design

If you have any questions about this equipment please contact us or you can speak with Dean Fougere at the show in London at booth B400. We look forward to seeing you at this show.

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