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D8073 Added to D1655 Appendix X

The world of Aviation Turbine Kerosense testing and qualification took another major step forward toward increased precision and automation of the aviation turbine fuel certification process. The D-2 Inc. WSI Water Separation Instrument, ASTM Test Method D8073 (IP 624) has been incorporated in D1655. D8073 is an improved method to better determine the ability access the water separation characteristics of aviation turbine. Better assessment allows confidence that fuel will not disarm field water separators, providing users more efficient terminal operations.

The current incorporation is to the non-mandatory section of D1655. This change intended to allow operators to expand field use of the new Method with a goal to gain additional user data to speed D8073 adoption into the mandatory section of D1655 with limits. The most recent revision of ASTM D1655 Revision 18B, December 1, 2018 reflects these changes. Under Appendix X1.13.2 and X1.13.2.2.

The WSI Water Separation Instrument ASTM D8073 is continuing its field testing at multiple locations to further establish the data is reliable and can be used for fuel certification. These test sites include major Oil Company Producers, multiple international locations and branches of the US Military. We welcome all request for demonstration of the D8073 method to your laboratory, please contact our sales team if you would like to schedule a visit.

The WSI is a major improvement over the previous Test Methods. The WSI instrument brings full automation to the ASTM water separation test. Eliminating user error and significantly reducing false positives and false negative results. The team has also developed a comprehensive report on D8073 and its response to a variety of approved and unapproved aviation turbine additives, if you would like a copy of that report please send a request, it can also be found in the ASTM Work Item 57443 collaboration area

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