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JF-WA1-AF Receives National Stock Number NSN #6640-01-680-6773

D-2 Inc. is pleased to announce the Air Force designation Hydro-Light, the JF-WA1-AF has now received a National Stock Number NSN number. The JF-WA1-AF NSN number is 6640-01-680-6773.

The JF-WA1-AF is the Hydro-Light Free Water Detector with an Air Force Designation. This unit is used to run ASTM Test D3240 which determines the free water present in aviation kerosene aka jet fuel. The JF-WA1-AF will provide a digital readout of the free water in parts per million.

The JF-WA1-AF is a highly successful and heavily field tested piece of equipment under the designation JF-WA1-N, as every US Naval Surface Ship and Naval Air Station already uses the JF-WA1-N (same exact equipment as the -AF designation). So the end users can be assured that the Hydro-Light technology is field tested, easy to use, reliable and accurate.

The JF-WA1-AF ensures the fuel that the US Military is putting into it’s Air Force Aircraft is free of free water, and does so far more accurately and easily than any other test method available.

This means the JF-WA1-AF can be procured through the NSN number for easier purchasing for major agencies such as the DLA, and the various Air Force Bases around the world that will be using this equipment.

At the recent DLA Worldwide Energy Conference we discussed with many of the Air Force Personnel the need for a field calibration kit, this will be something we look to add in the future.

Please contact our sales department, or you can contact Alex Glenn for more information.

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