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D-2 Inc. CTD Sea Trials on the WHOI R/V Neil Armstrong

The D-2 Inc. CTD is currently undergoing Sea Trials on the WHOI Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. So far the data and the trials have been going extremely well, and the data is correlating perfectly. The D-2 Inc. CTD is working at depth in the Ocean, which is the ultimate test for any new technology, to work with precision in the field. Not only is our equipment working, but it is now the best equipment and technology in the market.

The CTD itself is very compact and can be added to almost any system, as shown below it is just strapped to a rosette. The D-2 CTD uses a new hybrid conductivity sensor technology that allows us to not require a pump to flush the conductivity cell, it is free flushing. Which makes it easier to mount our CTD in unique ways such as below on this rosette strapped vertically.

The D-2 CTD for reference by itself looks like this:

So as you can see from the below photo, the above CTD is mounted vertically on this Rosette:

The above sea trials are currently still under way. Once they are completed we will share the data set with everyone in a post on this website, so stay tuned for more information. However it can be said the data looks really good, and these CTD’s are now 100% ready for market wide adoption.

We have been shipping these units for various commercial and military projects. Last month we delivered 8 CTD Units to the United States Navy and the Office of Naval Research.

If you are looking for more information on the D-2 Inc. CTD or the shallow water OCT version, please let me know. We have CTD’s that have the precision and the housing’s to reach and measure the deepest ocean depths on the planet, 10,500M or more. Our Hybrid CTD is truly a Revolution.

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