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  • WSI Water Separation Instrument attains ASTM Listing D8073-16

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    WSI Water Separation Instrument attains ASTM Listing D8073-16


    D-2 Incorporated and Stanhope Seta are please to inform you that our jointly developed Water Separation Instrument (WSI) has recently completed ASTM balloting and has become an ASTM Method.  The newly assigned method number is D8073-16. It is available from the ASTM, please use URL

    The WSI when used within the scope of the ASTM D8073-16 method provides an improved method to determine the water filterability of jet fuel.  The WSI is fully automated and extremely reliable, with improved precision versus ASTM Methods D3948.  The WSI is an improved solution for determining if surfactant is present in your fuel and they are at a level which will impact your fuel/water separators.  The WSI is easily used, takes about 10 minutes to run a determination and does not require any specialized operating training.

    The WSI is a plug and play device that requires almost 0 user training, you simply place a small (230 mL) fuel sample on the instrument, place a test filter on, and, press go to run the test.  The WSI method allows the full automated determination, eliminating operator interaction, hence freeing up a laboratory test technician to perform other tasks while the unit runs.

    The WSI will save significant laboratory user operational cost by its low cost per/test, greatly reduced operator time involvement, less training, and re-sampling due to its automated operation.  The WSI device is far more reliable and accurate for determining actual filterability of fuel, and therefore eliminates any issues with false negatives or false positives. IT uses the latest in 5th edition material hence it is not required to compensate results for field conductivity.

    The WSI only needs annual calibration. The competitive device requires semi-annual calibration, and our unit has doubled that time period. Thus saving your facility the hassle of calibrating the WSI every six months, you can wait a full year with our unit. This saves a significant amount of shipping cost and down time at your facility.

    The WSI is the future, touch screen technology, fully automated controls, and now a brand new ASTM Test Method number.  Please contact Dean Fougere, DFougere@D-2 for pricing and delivery information.

    Please see the WSI Product Page at:

    Also the WSI disposable materials can be bought directly through our online store at  Just type the search word WSI into the search box and all the relevant parts are easily added to your basket and shipped immediately.

    Thanks for your continued support.

    -Best Regards

    The Development Teams at D-2 Incorporated and Stanhope Seta.

    Dean Fougere

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